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Once we've got all your data loaded we help you get the most out of it.

We've anonymised a sample of our reports below so you can have a play around with them and see what is possible.

This isn't all of our templates, but it's a good sample so you can see what we can do!

How did my traffic/revenue change?

Do you often get asked to explain why traffic has changed? Why is revenue up? Why are signups down?

This report will help you find the sources quickly and easily.

Explore the Traffic Change Report

Do my website templates have technical SEO issues?

Crawling your whole site to find issues is relatively slow. We'll help you quickly find issues by checking all your templates for a representative sample of pages.

By adding traffic data and intended values we've got everything you need for a prioritised list of issues.

Explore the Template Crawl Checker report.

Is Google encountering issues crawling my site?

Do you need better insight into how Google is crawling your site and the errors it's encountering?

We take your web logs and convert them into a report to help you dig into what's going on.

Explore the Log File Analysis report.

How does my brand appear in Google?

Do you monitor your brand on Google? Rank 1 is pretty much a given, but what about the other results?

We let you track all of your branded SERP and show you the opportunities to win more of it.

Explore the Branded SERP monitor report.

Which featured snippets can I win and how?

Which featured snippets can you win and how?

We gather all the different information you need, from how often they appear to how volatile they and where you rank for them.

Track optimise and win them.

Explore the Featured Snippet Report

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