Log Status Monitor Report

Keep track of what Googlebot is seeing your website.

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Video Walkthrough

Sometimes it's easier to watch a video.

If you'd like a short walkthrough of what this report can do we've got one here.

Why use our dashboard?

Which status codes is Googlebot seeing?

Log data from Googlebot is one of the most valuable insights you get into your sites technical performance.

Is Googlebot finding 302s? Is it crawling those parametered localisation redirects? Did it spot your blog migration?

We'll help you find and identify.

Get the latest data

We load log data roughly every hour so if you're monitoring a migration, you'll get the data as soon as possible.

Drilldown into site segments

We'll break your site down into different segments, so you can easily drill into the different templates and page types where changes have happened.

Prioritise by traffic as well as volume

Suppose you have a bug where multiple URLs temporarily return 302s. How do you know if it was an important URL?

Show status codes by average traffic as well as number of requests to help you spot errors on important pages.

Do it without PII data.

We work with your engineering team to ensure we don't process PII and make it easier to get past compliance.

Automatic updates

Like all our dashboards the data is updated automatically every day.

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