Branded Change Monitor

This report will help you monitor and improve your branded SERPs.

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Why use our dashboard?

You can't measure a branded SERP with rank

Rank 1 should be a given. So how do you measure success for your branded SERPs?

We measure the pixel space above the fold and on the first page to show what you own.

Track everything you own

You don't just want your domain to rank, you want all the different properties you control to rank.

Your Instagram page, LinkedIn, Wikipedia etc. We let you classify and track them all together.

Keep an eye on negative results

Alongside the sites you control, you also might want to keep an eye on specific articles or negative results that impact your brand.

We let you select any URLs you want and we'll keep track of the space they hold.

Find the opportunities to control more of your branded SERP

Because of domain clustering it's quite hard to dominate your branded SERP with just one domain.

Once you're tracking multiple domains, we'll show you where each different domain is ranking so you can find opportunities to control more of the branded SERP.

Track multiple SERP features

We won't just look at branded orgnaic results we'll also look at the SERP features like PPA, video packs, featured snippets etc.

Automatic updates

Like all our dashboards the data is updated automatically every day.

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