Template Checker Report

Track all of your SEO technical checks by template. It's like having your own unit tests.

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Video Walkthrough

Sometimes it's easier to watch a video.

If you'd like a short walkthrough of what this report can do we've got one here.

Why use our dashboard?

Monitor all of your important templates

Websites are built on templates. You don't actually have 5,000 missing canonical tags. You have one missing canonical a page template that's used 5,000 times.

By checking a sample of pages we'll find the errors quickly and avoid barraging you with data.

Find errors which won't normally be reported as changes

A template which is no-indexed isn't an error. But you still might want that template indexed.

We let you set the correct value for each check on each template then we'll tell you if the value is correct.

Priotise the templates

We can join the crawl data with your analytics so you can see things like "average organic sessions" per template.

This provides a little more information to help you prioritise issues when you do spot them on the dashboard.

Hide issues while waiting for fixes to be deployed

We let ignore issues on templates that do exist, so you can get rid of the errors you know about while waiting for development fixes.

Crawl every day

On a really large website, it's expensive to crawl your entire site every single day. But you can crawl a sample of pages every day and still discover all the issues on you different page templates.

Automatic updates

Like all our dashboards the data is updated automatically every day.

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