Traffic Change Report

This report will help you understand how your traffic has changed.

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Video Walkthrough

Sometimes it's easier to watch a video.

If you'd like a short walkthrough of what this report can do we've got one here.

Why use our dashboard?

Understand where your traffic has changed quickly

We pull out all of your website segments and show you how traffic has changed.

You can quickly drill down through them to see where things change.

Dig out the segments that matter

We breakdown the change so you can see every segment as percentage of the total.

No more sorting by most changed and seeing a 5000% decrease on a T&C's page that lost 10 sessions.

Switch between metrics easily

So your sessions dropped, but how about revenue?

Our entire dashboard can switch between any metrics you'd like with the click of a button.

Dig into Search Console and analytics

We join Search Console with analytics so if you're digging into an organic traffic drop you can move from pages and sessions to keywords seamlessly

Automatic updates

Like all our dashboards the data is updated automatically every day.

Year on Year comparision

We combine YoY and PoP data so you can see if the change is due to seasonality or an actual cause.

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