Working with agencies

You've got strategies to make, audit actions to implement for your clients sites all while juggling communications and getting ready for the quarterly review. You don't have time to spend 4 hours debugging a data issue.

We take on the responsibility for your data and let you get on with the actual work you need to do.

We have two different ways of working with agencies. Summary below, if you'd like to hear more details please get in touch.

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Agency owns the data

Here we're providing data services directly to an agency. We have a per client agreement with the agency and all the data lives with the agency.

The primary restriction here is we can only offer this (at competitive per client rates) for data sources where there is low customisation. e.g. search console, ranking & site speed data.

If individual clients need a lot of custom work e.g. complex analytics implementations, logs etc then we tend to use the second model.

Customer owns the data

Here we’re managing data in the customers warehouse and working with the agency.

We do this when there are complex data sources (Logs, custom analytics set-ups.) or complex data requirements.

In this case we have a contract with the end customer and a 20% revenue share with the agency.

The agency handles the customer relationship and we handle the data.

Agencies get: access to best in class reporting and data that they might not have.

Piped Out gets: Happy customers whose data is being used to full effect because the agency is using it day to day. Less account management because the agency handles it.

How do we help agencies?

Lots of clients. Lots of data.

Lots of clients means lots of data and someone needs to own it.

  • Do you have a consistent client onboarding?
  • Do you have the client data ready when you need it?
  • Do you need help understanding the data?
  • Does your team constantly run into data issues?

We help agencies get a handle on their data.

High quality automated reports for your clients

We can build out specific reports to scale across your clients, whether they're custom or templated.

We've got years of experience in SEO and have a library of high quality reports for common SEO tasks. You can find the anonymised reports here.

Complex or very large client data

Not sure how you're going to handle a prospective clients data?

It is too big, GBs of data that you don't know how to work with?

Is it too complex? Log data or GA4 set-ups with custom session definitions and attribution.

We can help you handle the data problems you'd normally keep away from.

Spend your time elsewhere

Setting up and maintaining the data is fiddly complex work.

It's hard to hire for and when it's done your reward is to start the work you actually wanted to do.

We handle it all for you and let you get on with your actual work.

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