With a library of pre-made reports and the ability to build more quickly and easily we'll make your reporting best in class.

Explore some of our reporting templates.

We've anonymised the data for some reports so we can share them publically.

Our reports are fast.

By building out pipelines for the data and avoiding native connectors we make reports that run a lot faster than your normal ones.

Our templates are built in data studio but sources can be used anywhere.

We build the templates in Data Studio, but the business logic lives in the underlying table.

We provide the table so you can recreate any report in the reporting platform of your choice.

You can quickly and powerfully build custom reports

You don't have to use our reports, you can also build your own.

With Piped Out you can just fill in a form, and you'll have data ready to plug into whatever reporting platform you're using.

Need custom reports and don't know how to build them?

If you've got specific requests and reporting needs which default templates don't meet.

If you'd like a demo/quote, please contact us!

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