Whole SERP tracking with custom reports.

If you're looking for rich rank tracking data with deep reporting we can help.

We work with Data For SEO to ingest full SERP data into your warehouse and then provide rich reports off the back of it.

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What kind of reports do we have?

We build reports to try and help take advantage of the richness of the data.

And we build reports specifically for the task they need to accomplish.

We've got a set of primary public facing reports you can have a look around at on the right.

Where do we sit in the rank tracking landscape?

  • Rich data: We load a very rich SERP schema that is constantly being updated from DataForSEO
  • Affordable: We're somewhere in the middle of cost.
  • Customisation: We have a lot of configurable options. This means we're not a straight forward plug and play solution for basic data.

We store as much data as possible, because you can't rewind to get more.

Once today has passed, you can't go back and get that SERP data again so what you store matters.

We surface the parts you need the most in the reports.

But we have the full SERP data stored across 300+ different fields to let you examine every part of it.

If competitors change, you need to focus on a different set of SERP features, or dive into knowledge box links: we've got it ready to go.

Raw data is all yours

Want to dig into the raw data? No problem, you'll have all of it.

Get your BI team to look at it, or dive in yourself if you want to dig into the dirty details and roll up your hands with SQL and CSVs.

Because it's stored in your warehouse, it's yours forever whether or not you stay with us. The history of your site is yours.


We don't have a full calculator on site at the moment, however here are some guide prices.

Keyword don't actually need to be tracked daily, we also support weekly and monthly and those are priced accordingly (i.e. at 1/7 and ~1/30.5).

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Guide pricing

Daily keywords trackedPrice

How does the rank data service work?

If you'd like a demo/quote, please contact us!

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