How is Piped Out priced?

The short answer is get in touch and we'll work out a quote. We've scoped many different data warehouse requirements for SEO teams and they vary a lot.

But it's still insightful to talk about how these projects are structured and how our pricing scales.

There are three parts:

  1. Initial set-up project.
  2. Ongoing Piped Out subscription.
  3. BigQuery

Initial set-up project.

This is a one off set-up cost at the beginning of the contract. It scales based on which integrations you'd like and how many customisations they need.

For example if you need to use a specific conversion rate across territories that we have to integrate, that would be costed in here.

Occasionally we will also run larger training programs, which would fall in this bucket.

Basic training is always included, but if you wanted your entire team to be up-skilled in working with data & SQL that would be costed in here.

Ongoing subscription cost.

This is the ongoing monthly cost of the software.

This scales off two different things:

  • How much many data sources you want to load
  • The size of data you want to load


BigQuery is the primary cloud data warehouse we load data into.

As we've mentioned on the loading page, we understand how important data ownership is for businesses and usually we'll load data into your BigQuery instance.

(We can set it up for you if you need help).

In that case we'll estimate and provide BigQuery costings to you, alongside the quote.

If you're struggling with sign-off etc. we can also load data into our own BigQuery project. In which case we'll just roll up the costs into the subscription.

If you'd like a demo/quote, please contact us!

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