On the spot analysis

Now the data is loaded and we've got best in class reports. What about ad-hoc analysis?

Reports don't cover every case. Sometimes you need to get hands on.

Sometimes you need to get hands on with the data to get your answer. We make it easy.

  • You open our query engine.
  • Select a pre-built query (e.g. cannibalisation).
  • Select the Search Console properties & the date range you want
  • Hit the copy button and paste it into BigQuery

All the data heavy lifting done in under a minute, ready for pulling into a spreadsheet and working through it.

Making your own queries

We've got prewritten queries for many common SEO tasks, but you might also want to make your own.

With our query building/editing you can create the custom queries you want.

We complex filtering logic to make sure you can select the data segments you need to work with.

Get the data wherever you need

Once you've run a query, the data can easily be moved wherever you need it.

You could pull it into a Google Data Studio or Tableau report, or just download it straight into a spreadsheet.

Repeating analysis

Working with data in spreadsheets has it's issues. One of the largest ones is repetition.

Repeating analysis is slow and fiddly. You know that awful feeling, when you realise you've been working on the wrong data segment and now you have to repeat all your work again?

With Piped Out repeating analysis with different time periods or data sources is as simple as changing a form.

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