Loading data

The first part to your data warehouse is loading the data. We load all your data into a cloud database to give lightning fast access, with no sampling, at any scale.

How does the loading work?

We'll work with you at the start to understand your data requirements.

How many sites, how many data sources, unique requirements about your own data - all the details.

Then we'll go and set-up all those data sources so they're backfilled and automatically loading.

As your business evolves and your data needs change, we can always come and add new sources.

We usually will load multiple data sources

The three data sources we get the most requests for are:

  • Google Search Console
  • Log Data
  • Google Analytics

But we can integrate any kind of SEO data - everything from links & rank tracking to internal sales data. Let us know what you're trying to accomplish and we can advise and talk through it.

Your data, your control

We understand that data ownership is really important for businesses and so for most customers we help them set-up their own BigQuery account and then load data into it so they have direct control.

But if you're struggling with sign-off etc. we can also load data into our own BigQuery project.

If you'd like a demo/quote, please contact us!

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