Data sources

We load a wide variety of different data sources, some more common than others. Let's talk about what we load and why.

What do we load?

We usually will load multiple data sources

The three data sources we get the most requests for are:

  • Google Search Console
  • Log Data
  • Google Analytics

But we can integrate any kind of SEO data - everything from links & rank tracking to internal sales data. Let us know what you're trying to accomplish and we can advise and talk through it.


Set-up for enterprise

Google Search Console is a brilliant free tool, but if you're serious about search, you'll often bump into its limitations.

You'll need to download more than 1,000 rows at a time. You'll need to select data for a specific list of pages, not just a subfolder. You'll need to store more than 16 months' data.

We'll solve all of those problems for you.

Getting more data

Did you know Google Search Console samples?

It's not possible to remove it completely, but you can get back some of that lost data with the right data & profile setup.

Particularly for large websites, we'll work with businesses to load multiple sub-folders to minimise the data lost, whilst making it easy to query all of them at once.

Multiple properties

Many businesses have multiple search console properties without even counting sub-folders.

You might have domains for pre and post migration. You might have separate documentation and forum subdomains.

We'll pull them all into one place to make working with the analytics data quick and easy.

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