Use cases

Let's talk about some of the common use cases we see for Piped Out.

Data sources

You spend less time wrangling data

The larger the website, the harder the data is to work with and more time you spend trying to process it.

Spreadsheets slow down, you hit row limits, sampling becomes more common.

The more data you have the more valuable you'll find Piped Out.

Crawling & indexing become less of a problem

The bigger the site, the more attention you need to pay to crawling and indexing and log files are one of the most useful data sources for fixing these issues.

But on big websites, logs get correspondingly large and require dev work to make them accessible.

We work with your dev team to get logs accessible and easy to work with.

More Google Search Console properties

The larger the website, the more valuable it is to register those properties.

We have found customers who got over 250% more search console data by registering sub-folders.

When you need to aggregate those profiles, that's where we come in. We can bring all that data together and make it easy to work with.

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